Visual information is one of the most important elements that determine peoples’ experience. Photo elicitation is based on the use of visual information – Photography as a means with which to explore people’s views and perspectives of the subject understudy. Understanding photos involves three sets of questions:

  • Focused At Content (What),
  • Purpose Of Creation (Who, When, How) And,
  • Interpretation (Why).

The paper argues that elicitation approach could produce a difference kind of information. The photographs provide the stimulus, the motivation, and explanation about the subject. The present study therefore aims to analyze stories and pictures of other Malay minorities from three difference countries such as Cambodia, Thailand and Singapore. The aims of the study are:

  • To describe the influence of visual information (that include lifestyles, religion, culture and custom) on the aesthetic evaluation.
  • To investigate the impact of visual information on the behavioral value.

A survey utilize individual face-to-face interview will be conducted in three countries. The respondents will be analytically grouped into distinct segment based on the results. The pattern of their responses on variables will be used as the basis for the grouping process. Thus, respondents will a similar expression on the variables were grouped together. Respondents with different expressions on those variables will be assigned to different groups and will be profiled with demographic profile. A stratified random sample proportional to the size of the population of each country will be drawn. The systematic sampling is applied within each stratum. This often improves the representativeness of the sample by reducing sampling error. It is hope to distribute a total of 200 questionnaires.


Research Framework:

Visual Information                                                      Aesthetic Evaluation